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Wildlife Research


Heartwood Habitat has extensive experience in conducting arboreal fauna surveys across a variety of landscapes. We can provide skilled and experienced arborists to meet the needs of your project.

Some of our services include:

  • Wildlife and habitat surveys, in the canopy and at tree hollows and nest boxes.
  • Collection of precise and consistent morphology data, measuring a diversity of tree and hollow attributes.
  • Biotic and genetic sampling, such as scat, hair, and feather collection.
  • Installation of nesting boxes, wildlife cameras, and acoustic recorders in the tree canopy.

Here are some of the projects we’ve been involved with. Get in touch so we can talk about supporting your next project.


Regent Parrot – Riverland, SA

National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia

The Riverland Rangers – the River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (RMMAC)

Climbing assistance / Data collection – hollow survey, data collection, and video monitoring of known Regent Parrot hollows and nest trees.


Gang Gang Cockatoo – Canberra, ACT

ACT Parks and Conservation

Climbing assistance / Data collection – installing nesting tubes, thermal loggers, measuring nest hollows, and video monitoring.


Regent Honeyeater – Chiltern, VIC

Bird Life Australia

Climbing assistance / Data collection – Understanding the factors causing poor nest survival in captive bred and released Regent Honeyeaters in Chiltern Mt-Pilot National Park after the 2017 release.


Swift Parrot – Bruny Island, TAS

Difficult Bird Research Group

Climbing assistance / Habitat enhancement / Data collection – installation of nest boxes, data collection, and monitoring of known Swift Parrot hollows and nest boxes.


Superb Parrot – Canberra, ACT

ACT Parks and Conservation

Climbing assistance / Data Collection – Collecting data of known Superb Parrot hollows.


Greater Glider – Wombat State Forest, VIC

Ecology & Restoration Australia

Climbing assistance / Habitat enhancement – introduction of chainsaw carved hollows.


Leadbeater’s Possum – Central Highlands, VIC

Ecology and Heritage Partners

Climbing assistance / Data collection – installation of baiting tubes & video monitoring.

“Alex is my first pick for arboriculture support, always! Heartwood Habitat has all the experience in habitat enhancement and in-tree wildlife research that you need.”

Dr Laura Rayner – Senior Ecologist at ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate