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Founded in 2022 by expert tree climber Alex Jardine, Heartwood Habitat Pty Ltd employs a small team of multi-disciplined and highly experienced rope technicians who are qualified in aerial rescue, canopy access and speciality rigging. All of Heartwood Habitats’ arborists are industry trained and accredited.

Our aim is to help organisations safely explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible. With our combined experience as trainers and professional arborists, we can deliver unique rigging, rope safety, and training to teach you the skills required to access the places you need to go.

Put simply: we’re passionate about trees, arboreal ecosystems and helping scientists, academics and community organisations to access and explore the canopy for research and conservation purposes.

As a rope safety company specialising in safe tree access, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of care and expertise to organisations and private individuals who want to explore the canopy.